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Georgina Conlon

Georgie is a founding Principal of Conlon and Co, and has developed a breadth and depth of skills over a career and life in managing people and their expectations. She believes the key to success in truly effective property management lies in the ability to listen actively to clients’ needs. For Georgie, finding the best solutions - in order to deliver upon clients’ needs - requires her to exercise an exceptional level of professional integrity, diligence and practical thinking. Her diverse background and experience have given Georgie the opportunities to develop and fine-tune this approach.

Georgie’s early career was established in primary education. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and was awarded a postgraduate Diploma in Counselling. Georgie’s extensive experience has focused on the overall management and administration of large organisations in the extra curricula and out-of-school-hours care arena. Moreover, Georgie’s roles have required her to demonstrate a superior proficiency in bookkeeping, client liaison, database management and communication. She has held longstanding directorship and co-ordinator roles in several organisations and, accordingly, relishes the opportunities presented in managing a complex, client-focused, organisation.

Georgie has consistently demonstrated the ability to perform to an exceptional level in environments characterised by considerable time pressures, demands and emotional volatility. Her skillset affords her the ability to perform an extensive range of responsibilities with tact, resourcefulness and attention to detail. Georgie’s defining professional quality is her ability to ‘troubleshoot’, both at an organisational level and critically, for her clients.

Georgie lived in Japan and Hong Kong for over six years. It is this experience as an ex-pat, encompassing all the pitfalls of remote property management and tenancy, which allows her a special insight into the needs of clients. Indeed, Georgie’s skillset and experiences afford her the perfect complement to her sister, Julia. After forty-plus years together, Georgie recognises that a real strength is her ability to work so effectively with Julia.

Georgie’s considerable experience as an ex-pat (as both a non-resident landlord and a tenant), led her to become impassioned about diversifying into the business of property management. Accordingly, in 2014 she embarked upon a role as a client services manager on a high-profile, ongoing project involving the sale of many properties in the Millers Point area. Consequently, her passion for property management developed further and - with her sister Julia - Conlon and Co was realised.
Georgina Conlon
Georgina Conlon
Conlon & Co
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